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Positive Conflict

How to turn conflict into something positive.

A Reluctant Royalist

The Royal family are having a bit of a battering at the moment, loving and hating them is a bit of British spectator sport. Overwhelmingly, the country loves the Queen and the institution of the Royal family but watching the twists and turns of the family dynamics is the longest running soap opera there is. The latest episode with Prince Andrew, and now the decision of Harry and Meghan to

Life … the art of tacking!

I don’t sail…I’d like to but I don’t, sailing is not one of my skills. So why call your blog “Tacking”? When I was studying for my masters (just slip that in), there was a module on how to be a leader in a contemporary context. Conventional management thinking says that you fix your goal and set a plan to meet the goal. The problem with that mindset is that