Well I always get in trouble for expressing my political views

Franklin Graham : Watershed, don’t think so!

It’s all got a bit animated in the UK evangelical church this last few weeks. The announcement that the venues booked to host Franklin Graham’s mission to the UK have all been cancelled due to his outspoken views. Some articles called this as a ‘seminal moment’ or a ‘watershed’ and will mark the decline of the Christian faith in the public square. Church folk and UK evangelical leaders are incensed

A Reluctant Royalist

The Royal family are having a bit of a battering at the moment, loving and hating them is a bit of British spectator sport. Overwhelmingly, the country loves the Queen and the institution of the Royal family but watching the twists and turns of the family dynamics is the longest running soap opera there is. The latest episode with Prince Andrew, and now the decision of Harry and Meghan to


As Boris is crowned supreme leader (sorry been watching Star Wars) and the country prepares itself for the  inevitable journey of leaving the EU,  I thought I better make my peace with the democratic process.  Despite my protestations, rantings and general feelings of being right, my side lost!  Hopes of averting the cataclysmic decision of the referendum are now dashed, time to come to terms with the facts. The 48%