As we slide effortlessly from one decade to another I thought it was about time I surfaced.  Having had several years of online silence, apart from the odd social media explosions about Trump and Brexit I felt it was high time I was a little more productive in my social commentary, after all I’m far too opinionated and have far too large an ego to stay quiet for long, blogging gives me endless opportunity to add my noise into an ever crowded cloud of wisdom and opinion.

The last time anyone heard from me in this format was when I was leading a faith community.  Well five years have passed and pretty much everything has changed, I’m sure some of the changes will emerge though the forthcoming posts.   I needed to retreat for a season to regroup, rethink, recalibrate, basically sort my head and heart out.  Not sure that I have totally aligned everything, not sure you can really, but its time to stick my head above the water!

Life has a rather annoying way of throwing surprises and challenges at us, not all of them good and not all of them welcome.  It is, of course, how we react to life events where we learn, grow and change.  Hope I have done some of that in the last few years.  We can choose to react to unfortunate events with anger, sadness and hurt, all of which are legitimate responses.  However, we can choose to respond by embracing the change and finding the lesson.

So let’s raise a glass of something bubbly to a new decade, and with a desire to approach it with optimism, energy and hopefully a wiser head. 

Happy New Year.

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  1. Rick Lewis says:

    Welcome back Stewart! Here’s to ongoing conversations, to the curiosity that keeps them fresh and to the mutual respect that keeps them enjoyable.

  2. Ruth G exbcc says:

    Thanks for posting definitely Good reading looking forward to reading more

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