National Retail Manager Recruitment

Designed, developed and executed a national recruitment programme for an expanding UK retailer who needed 100 store managers. We ran advertising campaigns, the screening process and assessment centres throughout the nation.

Graduate Assessment Programme

I developed a graduate assessment programme for a national retail group looking to secure graduates from the top 10% of students in the UK. I designed and implemented the assessment programme, training the senior managers to assess candidates against competency frameworks.

Technology Start up

Having developed a technology solution for screening and talent management, I secured venture capital funding, and managed the development of the software and the sales & marketing of the company in Europe and USA.

Organisational change

I took on the challenge of a charity in some difficulty, managed its transition to stability and grew the organisation in its influence and capacity to deliver on its charitable objectives.

Leadership College

Using a charitable legacy, I developed a leadership development programme offering university degree programme and a non accredited part time leadership development programme to unlock leadership talent.

Venue Development

I took a 1600 seat venue and developed it as a venue attracting international artists and conferences. We operated a full front of house service, technical, marketing of the venue and income generation from bars and kiosk sales.

Coffee House Start up

As part of the venue development we took an empty shop in the venue and turned it into an independent coffee shop, which is growing in popularity.

College Rebranding

I am currently managing the rebranding of a college offering accredited training to 200 students in the UK. The brand is being worked out through all its communications channels.

Trustee Governance

I worked with governing trustees to engage them in the strategic vision for the charity and help the executive work with the the trust body